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All-Natural Frozen Treats for Doggos

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Welcome to the Ruffage Family! 

Ruffage was born out of necessity after retiring 3 carpet cleaners (yes, 3!) that had met their match with our 14 month old pup, Luna. For the first year of Luna's life, she suffered from the most sensitive tummy we have ever experienced as doggo owners. 

We tried an abundance of food combinations to find something that she was able to digest without pain and suffering. After exhausting nearly every option we could think of, we discovered a whole community of dog owners that were in the same boat as us and we knew that there HAD to be a solution. 

Through extensive research and lots of trial and error, we finally found a natural combination that worked for our Luna and other pups with sensitive tummies! 

We are not licensed vets or pet dietitians, but we are long-time dedicated dog owners that have found a healthy, natural and purposeful solution to a problem that so many pet owners face. While we always recommend consulting with a licensed professional to address your doggo's specific needs, we can assure you that our products include high quality ingredients that pups love and owners can feel great about. 

Treat your four-legged friend to Ruffage natural frozen yogurt cups and see why pups rate us 2 paws up! 



All Natural Ingredients

RuffageKC uses fresh, natural ingredients and aims to support local farmers as often as possible. You won't find preservatives in these pup cups!

Allergy Friendly

This brand was born out of necessity when we adopted a doggo with tummy troubles. Finally, we have created a treat for fur babies like ours who have sensitive stomachs or dietary restricitions.

Delicious AND Nutritious

Dogs love treats and we love our dogs! That's why we want them to live long and healthy lives. Give your four legged friend the joy of a delicious treat with the reassurance that you're offering something you can be proud of.


Come See Us!

For updated locations and hours, please check back often!


Saturdays: Black Bob Farmer's Market in Olathe


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